Types of materials

Quality materials

As a company PRIHODA s.r.o. places tremendous importance on the quality of the materials used. In every case we use specially developed materials that have been subjected to extensive development testing in order to achieve maximum performance benefits for our customers. The Prihoda Premium (PMI/NMI) fabrics provide all the benefits listed below as part of our standard design (at no additional cost).

designation permeability weight material characteristic
Prihoda Premium (PMI/NMI) yes/no medium 100% PES B 9
Prihoda Classic (PMS/NMS) yes/no medium 100% PES B 9
Prihoda Recycled (PMSre/NMSre) yes/no medium 100% PCR PES B 9/4
Prihoda Light (PLS/NLS) yes/no light 100% PES B 9
Prihoda Durable (NMR) no medium 100% PES B 1
Prihoda Glass (NHE) no heavy 100% GL, 2x PUR A 7
Prihoda Plastic (NMF) no medium 100% PES, 2x PVC B 4
Prihoda Foil (NLF) no light 100% PE 1
Prihoda Translucent (NMT) no medium 90% PVC, 10% PES C 1
Prihoda Hydrophobic (NLW) (DEDA only) no light 85% PES, 15% NY E 1
yes no antibacterial fire resistance (class) antistatic high strength machine washable suitable for clean rooms number of standard colours special colours / Prihoda Art water repellent
Prihoda Premium (PMI/NMI)
Prihoda Classic (PMS/NMS)
Prihoda Recycled (PMSre/NMSre)
Prihoda Light (PLS/NLS)
Prihoda Durable (NRM)
Prihoda Glass (NHE)
Prihoda Plastic (NMF)
Prihoda Foil (NLF)
Prihoda TRANSlucent (NMT)
Prihoda Hydrophobic (NLW)
DeDa only

Selection of the most suitable material

Classic (PMS, NMS) or Premium (PMI, NMI)

Fabric Premium is unlike Classic in addition antibacterial and antistatic. Through these properties they are predetermined to use in the environment with the highest hygienic requirements or where it is necessary to prevent arising electric voltage between textile diffuser and earthing. Although the both categories usually reach the rank for the same class according to the flammability, fabric Premium are besides equipped with the special modification for minimization of combustion and fumes.

Air-permeable (PMS, PMI, PLS) or non air-permeable (NMS, NMI, NLS, NMR)

The only reason for usage of the air-permeable materials is need to prevent the water condensation on the surface of the diffusers. When in cooling with the temperatures under the dew point the non air-permeable material will behave like steel ducting and it is necessary to use air-permeable fabric, alternatively double or insulated ducting.

Light materials (PLS, NLS)

Their lower price is balanced with shorter warranty and life-time. Compared to other fabrics, these light materials are easy to wear out by washing and they will not last more than 50 washing cycles. Thanks to extreme low weight they are pleasant to touch in manipulation.

Foils and coated fabric  – Foil (NLF), Plastic (NMF), Glass (NHE), Translucent (NMT)

They can't be washed in the washing machine, but on the other hand it is possible to clean them with the water flow and with wiping. Foils are the most convenient material with regard to price.

Recycled materials (PMSre, NMSre)

They are made of fibers gained through recycling of PET bottles and their usage will contribute to the protection of the environment. Every square meter of this fabric saves 13 PET bottles from the waste dump. Recycled materials are technically equal to category Classic.

What colour do you want?

Most of our materials are available from stock in the range of 9 colours detailed below (shades may vary). None standard (special) colours are available, but require longer delivery timescales.

WH white

RAL 9016

YE yellow

RAL 1017

LG light grey

RAL 7035

DG dark grey

RAL 7037

GR green

RAL 6024

RE red

RAL 3001

LB light blue

RAL 5012

BL blue

RAL 5005

BC black

RAL 9017

Do not miss Prihoda recycled