Our Innovations And Specialities

We innovate!

More Intelligence in Air Distribution

We are experts in airflow in ducting and in the space. We have introduced several technical innovations and improvements on the market. We are the owners of several patents (hereinafter referred to as “PP” or “Patent Prihoda“). In many of the below described cases we are still the only company that supplies the stated devices.


Directional holes with a diameter less than the thickness of the fabric are a design patented by Příhoda s.r.o. They provide a number of advantages when used for surface air supply at low speed.


Fabric pockets are used for aligning deflection of the air coming from the perforation. The solution is based on combining two airflows of a similar momentum. The flow from the last hole in the row is directed under a certain angle using a fabric pocket, thus aligning the air deflection from the perforation.


Flat diffusers into false ceilings do not have to be made of sheet metal; our SquAireTex range is a fully-fledged alternative. Moreover, you can choose any color or motif.


Ultrasound-connected nozzles 20 to 40 mm in diameter are a great way of achieving greater flow range. Compared to plastic nozzles they are significantly more fire resistant and stay on the duct better.


Our patented tensioning structure enables us to manufacture rectangular-section ducts which can also be used for extraction.


A metal spiral covered in fabric is inserted inside of the diffuser. It maintains permanently cylindrical shape and the fabric stretched. The necessary gradient of the spiral is ensured by longitudinal textile straps. Five meter long Helix parts are attached to the zippers that connect individual ducting parts. The spiral can be easily disassembled for maintenance purposes. It is also made for a majority fitting types. The necessary stretch of the fabric is achieved by tensioners installed in the profiles and blind flanges.


The first fabric shutter on the market is used to temporarily close off a branch or part of a duct.


To prevent condensation from forming on the surface of the duct and to cut heat or cooling loss, we manufacture ducts that are either insulated or double with an intermediate layer of air.


It is a diffuser that combines two completely different air distribution methods. The membrane, made of a light and airtight fabric is horizontally sewn into the center of the diffuser. It alternately covers its one or the other half. When heated, the membrane covers the upper half of the diffuser and the air leaves through the rows of holes in the downward direction directly to the operation zone. When cooled, the membrane covers the bottom half of the diffuser. Cool air passes through the micro perforation located in the upper half of the diffuser and slowly, without any unpleasant draft, flows to the operation zone.

Other options, details and specialities

Adjustable length – The length can be changed during the assembly
Adjustable arch - The angle can be changed during the assembly
Adjustable perforation – Airflow regulation
Equalisers - Airflow turbulence reduction
Damper - Balancing static pressure
Beat absorber - Elimination of Airflow impact on diffuser’s end