Fabric ducting

Fabric ducting & diffusers made from 100% recycled material

Our textile diffusers made of recycled materials look and operate identically as those made of standard fabric. The difference is that the polyester fibers are made of used PET bottles. REPREVE recycled fabric means that our products comply with the principles of sustainable development.

Used plastic bottles obtained during waste sorting are crushed and, after removing undesirable admixtures, melted. The obtained granulates spun in order to create a synthetic yarn.

Environmental benefits

Each m2 of PMSre, our fabric made of recyclable threads, will save 13 PET bottles from the landfill. For a textile diffuser with a length of 10m and a diameter of 630mm, this represents 257 plastic bottles. Feel free to send us inquiries – we’ll let you know how many PET bottles you can save from a landfill, sea or river.

100% of recycled material from used waste
Energy consumption savings of 66%
Water consumption savings of 50%
Greenhouse gas emission savings of 34%

Other factors that are beneficial for the environment


Lower energy consumption by fans that push air through the textile, due to reduced pressure loss at the microperforated textile which catches less impurities
A lower and cheaper level of filtration further reduces the energy consumption of fans exerted on overcoming the pressure loss of filters
Savings of energy and time spent on replacement and washing of systems due to their significantly slower staining


An open structure reduces the pressure loss and prevents the storage of dust compared to traditional sieves



Made of longitudinal segments, these have a significantly lower pressure loss



Fire safety B-s1,d0 EN ISO 13501-1:2003, complies with UL (NFPA 90a)
Optimal rigidity
Suitable for clean areas – does not release particles as per ISO 14644-1: class 4
Easy maintenance
10-year warranty

Have a look at our REPREVE brochure

Recycled REPREVE fiber is produced by the globally recognized textile company Unifi and is certified by SCS Global.

We decided to go one step further and secured an Environmental Product Declaration certificate which evaluates the life cycle of Prihoda textile diffusers made of recycled material.

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